I would like to ask some questions about VC, and I would like you guys to say your opinion and/or in the comment section below! Let's get started!!!!!!!

If you could meet any of the maidens in real life which one would you want to meet? I would like to meet Sparkle she seems fun and nice!

What's Your Favorite N and UR Cards? You can only choose 1 UR and one N cards as your favorite. Mine are Flower and Juno/Hera!

What are the things in VC do you think are frustrating/annoying? Mine is ranking which some of you can understand because of my rants, but finally got over it,a nd still struggling when I don't have time to do it, and I get nervous when my Rank drops very low.

What cards do you think are the most disturbing in the whole game? Mine are slime and vending machine, if you just look it's disturbing and it brings chills down my spine who would lick a bone. *shivers*

Which card do you think is the best card and what do you think is the worst card? Mine Birthday and for me worst is slime. *shivers again*

What made you like VC? Mine was how muhc player there are, and the cards/maps are very detailed, so I appreciate the artists for mking such wonderful art except for slime I would punch slime in the face if she was real.

Thanks you leave your answers down below! KIRBYNA'A OUT POYO!

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