Ok ok I know I already made 2 but this isn't about me it'sabout the top 100, if you see in the ranking and u tap on the top 100 you see that there's a user at level 29 as rank #6, but it made me suspicious because no one can make it up that high with THAT kingdom level even I admit I can't but I still try!

The person's name is []@FAWK whichi thats it and im sad that the user doesn't have a name. There are resons that I support and might be possible!

Hacker/Cheater, Advantage Taker (find a high level alliance and get into there and make them help u kill FAW/AWs), Worker, Native, or just a MAJOR LEAGUE CASH PLAYER!

I checked her kingdom and I found that her alliance the she was a member of is ranked 15 higher than Athena's Fury which is totally astonishing. Her collection had lots of SRs and SR cards and I'm here with only one HSR Brim crying. Again I work way harder than she does because I have more to do than just play that game all the time I have homework and stories I have to do and hand in 4 weeks later. Defeating many AWs, FAWs I can't defeat very well because I only have a team of 3 R cards and 1 SR card. That user must've cheated to get unlimited jewels/iron/gold/ether or some hack like that becasue this is just impossible!!!!

She pissed me off because I don't know how you could go up THAT FAST IN THE BEGGINGING OF THE EVENT! It's sort of weird and fake to me, and it made me tear up the first time I saw it because I worked very hard to get at least to 19056, and she's there at rank #6!?! I THINK IT'S FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE, but I think it was becasue of the senders/hacks/cheats/over $100.00 rght there!

Ok now to get to something more settling and now its a rant about A CARD, YES A CARD. That card's name is Lilim, and I dont get how it's so popular please tell me in the comments below ask me questions if u want!

Kirbyna's OUT POYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File:Ginger R.png

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