Hey guys it's Kirbyna/Mikisu, and I would like to say about the rant and stuff I'm very sorry if I hurt you're feelings please forgive me, and I would like to talk about some people in the game types of user on VC!

Free Users (ME!): We don't pay for the game at all because we don;t think it's worth it and it's a waste of money, and we work HARD! YEAH FREE USERS!

Pay Users: The people who spend money all the time on VC, and don't use it for what it's really worth for. They usually do it for summon and to have more stuff than otehr people when they don't do work at all, but if they do a lot of work , and they deserve a break from just paying once in a while that's still not good but ok.

Fast Users: When the Dreaming Desination event starts you see them already with an HSR Circe and they already have their event cards collections completed in 1 day. I can't even get Adonis on the first day how do you do that? That's like blowing my mind right now!

Popular Users: The hign rankers who are always on the top 100 ranking, and is usually on a veyr high level, ans I dont know why you woulnd't just take a break once in a while. For the top 3 right here #1 has 6002 praises, and I WISH I could be that popular, but it's impossible if you really can't get up to the top 100 or the 5.

Brag Users: These are the people that would have all the cards, and not even help people who actually NEED their help. They almost never accept comrades under the level 50, and yes they're out there you just have to look. They also never help defeat the person's AW unless they don't really need help. 

Pervert Users: These are mostly ALL guys, and they usually play the game for the cards, and the boobs and ecchi and stuff.... IDK what else to add to that sentence! If the card doesn't have big boobs they delete it, if the card doesn't have a bikini if it's for the summer they delete it WHEN NOT ALL WOMEN WEAR BIKINIS! They would fap to Venus becasue of her loincloth, and Honey Bee becasue the cameltoe. They delete all the cards that aren't "their way" basically.

That's all of the users I can think of!

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