Every now and then Nubee introduces some new skill that people either hate or love (Think Sif and Chocolatier or Bicorn and Catcine). This makes me think about how these skills are awesome, or sometimes just don't live up to expectations, and that brings me to wonder about what new skills would be interesting to see. Below is one of the skills I've thought of and why I'd think it'd work. Let me know you're thoughts on it and share any skills you'd think would be a good addition as well.

An Agro skill


This skill would work like Agro or Aggravation skills in MMO or RPG games where it makes the enemy focus on one card and leave the other cards alone, or at least increase the percentage that an enemy would attack this skill.

Why it would work

I think this skill would be best on N, R or SR cards, and not UR or awakened. The idea is to have this card take some hits that otherwise would free up you attackers. It would be a substitute for a card like Sulis or other attack intercept.

If you open this to higher evo cards, you end up with 1 card just being a tank that takes lots of damage, which would be cool, but I think overkill. It would have to be limited in the number of intercepts it can take. before the skill deactivate.

I don't think this would work as an auto skill, I'd think it'd be best as an activation skill.

Let me know your thoughts.

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