• KyouF

    My first (and last) blog

    October 24, 2014 by KyouF

    I downloaded Valkyrie Crusade on 2014/6/10. I saw an ad for it on my reddit app and decided to give it a go. As of 2014/10/23, I have stopped playing VC.

    The main reasons I stopped playing was because:

    1.  The game was no longer enjoyable. It was just a grindfest. There was no skill involved. The whole game is based on RNG. The game is insanely Pay2Win. These qualities don't make a good, long-lasting game. I'm surprised I put up with it for so long.
    2. School. This game takes an absurd amount of time, I never tried ranking. Even an hour a day is too much time invested into this RNG game. Right now college is my top priority, and taking that 1 hour wasted and putting it into studying would be incredibly beneficial to my life, unlike putting my time …
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