I downloaded Valkyrie Crusade on 2014/6/10. I saw an ad for it on my reddit app and decided to give it a go. As of 2014/10/23, I have stopped playing VC.

The main reasons I stopped playing was because:

  1.  The game was no longer enjoyable. It was just a grindfest. There was no skill involved. The whole game is based on RNG. The game is insanely Pay2Win. These qualities don't make a good, long-lasting game. I'm surprised I put up with it for so long.
  2. School. This game takes an absurd amount of time, I never tried ranking. Even an hour a day is too much time invested into this RNG game. Right now college is my top priority, and taking that 1 hour wasted and putting it into studying would be incredibly beneficial to my life, unlike putting my time into VC.

The reasons I continued for so long was because of my awesome alliance, Komica2, and all the members in it. If I were just hunting alone the whole time, I probably wouldn't have played VC as long. Everyone in K2 is great, and it was always fun just small-talking about whatever on Line.

I guess having a cute girl card collection was kinda fun too.

Overall, I just want to thank everyone in Komica2, all of my comrades (especially F☆Lunaria and Fairingrey/Spica/Lyr/IDK) and also the VC Wiki editors.

oh, and if you're reading this Lunaria, when I sent you that AW titled LunarPls, it was because I was sad you sniped my faw, not because you never sent back. You really sent me waaay more faw than I deserved @__@ someone from F.E.A.R tell him that or something

So as of now, the game's uninstalled, and my VC career is for the most part, over. I might reinstall it over Christmas break or something, but who knows.

Check out my final kingdom & collection! ID: 73uid

End game stats:

Level: 107

Comrades: 108/108 (As of now)

Highest Rank: 800 (Achieved when I was level 50~ lol...)

  1. HUR: 3 (0 from summons >__> )

Castle Level: 10

Praises: 45

Welp, with this post I'm done with Valkyrie Crusade. Thank you and curses to Nubee for making this game.

Happy Hunting everyone!

-xDanielWang aka Kyou

Gif 400x306 f557c1

Sayonara! -Kyou

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