• Livvy4Lyfe

    Hiello! This is my first blog! First and foremost, I have been playing VC for quite some time now. Its been a year already! Phew... A lot has changed with Nubee bringing in new updates here and there. 

    Now back to the topic, this is quite a short one as I only want to thank a couple of peeps for helping me get the cute cards that I have today!

    I would love to thank one of my oldest friends (Not in IRL hue), Orville from the very well known guild: FEAR :^) He's been trading with me for a while even tho sometimes I forgot to send him some ._. 

    I'd like to thank a couple of other friends but their names are mostly in either Japanese or Chinese... And my Chinese is pretty bad. 

    I'd also like to thank my guild: El Biscuto, even tho most of us aren'…

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