Hiello! This is my first blog! First and foremost, I have been playing VC for quite some time now. Its been a year already! Phew... A lot has changed with Nubee bringing in new updates here and there. 

Now back to the topic, this is quite a short one as I only want to thank a couple of peeps for helping me get the cute cards that I have today!

I would love to thank one of my oldest friends (Not in IRL hue), Orville from the very well known guild: FEAR :^) He's been trading with me for a while even tho sometimes I forgot to send him some ._. 

I'd like to thank a couple of other friends but their names are mostly in either Japanese or Chinese... And my Chinese is pretty bad. 

I'd also like to thank my guild: El Biscuto, even tho most of us aren't gonna play anymore :( 

All in all, I am grateful to all the senders and traders that are surprisingly still playing even with the current update. 

Add me if you want me help you get some beauties ;) : 3wbw2

And maybe if you want to rank(Hue) and get em URs you can (maybe) count on me.

Also, what do you guys and maybe gals think of the new updates?

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