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  • I live in Eientei, was originally from the Moon
  • My occupation is being a NEET and a Lolicon
  • I am a former Lunarian Princess
  • LoveMax!!!!!

    Funny story how I came back to this game again, All my other friends showing me on their phones/tablets playing this game after I quit the game right after the First Alliance Battle event.

    Actually I tried this application again just to try it out the new stuff. In the end, I just soloed killed almost 1BP about 143 Archwitches within about 3 hours and made HSR Teiaiel and a Penemue on the side.

    Probabily the game is telling me go back again. 

    Although I missed a lot of events it's still a fun game after all. Guess I just give this game another chance.

    Remove all my old comrades and start anew. Add me whatever. Send me AW again.


    Also... About this wiki. I like what you have done to this place! Good Job keeping this place alive. Props to the Ac…

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  • LoveMax!!!!!

    Making HSR Gaap

    August 2, 2013 by LoveMax!!!!!

    So you wanna make a perfect hsr gaap well... think again...?

    a perfect HSR Gaap involves 3* R + 3* R per HR has only 8747 max soldiers at lvl 60 = 96 cards total

    a budget HSR Gaap involves 3* R+ 1* R per HR has only 8716 max soldiers at lvl 60  =  36 cards total

    a rushed HSR Gaap involves 3* R + 0* R per HR has only 8697 max soldiers at lvl 60  = 30 cards total

    This calcution is given that you max every card and has arcana succesion.

    Now you wanna still make perfect gaap with that mere difference of soldier count? This event card has not that great soldier count, I was hoping it was a 10k soldier but no. This card is just boring as hell, it's like a harder version to get Beelzebub but that was easy to get and has better max soldier count 9520 a…

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  • LoveMax!!!!!

    Dear Editors of this wiki,

    Since I've started editing here... There where no active admins. It's has been 2 months since this wiki has been abandoned by them. I tried to contact the founder of this wiki but hasn't responded for a month probabily lost interest in the game. This wiki has already somewhat subsunstantial content yet lacks organization.

    I really need your response on this... I'm applying as a Bureaucrat to assign Admins that will take care of this place.  Let's make this wiki a better place... LoveMax!!!!! (talk) 14:55, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

    • Update* The Founder assigned me and Gurou as Admin. Building a wiki is not a one man task... We are building a community here. I will…

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  • LoveMax!!!!!

    This wiki needs information and data regarding earlier event and some specific cards. Although there are some information about older events in the japanese wiki yet this wiki is somewhat outdated.

    Other information sources are the Facebook fanpage  , you can scroll down and look other people post.

    Some leaked information like the Diana information posted on TCGAPP forum can be found on baidu  (It's a chinese website) . I wonder who is this chinese informer, too bad I don't know chinese to browse the website (google translate is a pain in the ass). =(

    Also, this wiki need pictures -- lots of it. If you know other information sources please post it here. That way we can pump this wiki more information to browse with.

    • UPDATE Some older data  and…

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