So you wanna make a perfect hsr gaap well... think again...?

a perfect HSR Gaap involves 3* R + 3* R per HR has only 8747 max soldiers at lvl 60 = 96 cards total

a budget HSR Gaap involves 3* R+ 1* R per HR has only 8716 max soldiers at lvl 60  =  36 cards total

a rushed HSR Gaap involves 3* R + 0* R per HR has only 8697 max soldiers at lvl 60  = 30 cards total

This calcution is given that you max every card and has arcana succesion.

Now you wanna still make perfect gaap with that mere difference of soldier count? This event card has not that great soldier count, I was hoping it was a 10k soldier but no. This card is just boring as hell, it's like a harder version to get Beelzebub but that was easy to get and has better max soldier count 9520 at HSR


LoveMax!!!!! (talk) 00:56, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

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