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    Random thoughts on VC

    October 2, 2014 by LuluChoy

    I have been playing VC since Dec 2013......Such a long history that I actually have given up playing in the middle period, because I don't know how to play the game

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    Tips in Alliance

    October 1, 2014 by LuluChoy

    Let's start with how do you go for your last alliance battle... Great?....Or was it an EPIC FAIL? ( then an active alliance with no one participating in AD...Orz</span>

    I figured out some common problems for alliances, no matter active or not, it depends on the participation on EVERY SINGLE MEMBERS, that means, NO ONE CAN BE EXCLUDED!!! (not even new players)

    Common problems: (only apply to strong alliance...not really)

    Members become inactive --> Inactive days > 4~5 days

    --Contributing a LOT ≠ Not doing Anything

    Reasons: Members can contribute as much as you do as time passes. Remember, that your status can change and be caught up. Contributing a lot just means you can have some exceptions in certain cases more than normal members, but not doi…

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  • LuluChoy

    ...Starting a new day with killing AWs is not that great I think, but after thinking the great rewards that comes afterwards, I get really excited!

    It's me again, LuluChoy! Thanks for reading the post!

    Now this time I will be talking about killing AWs for newbies. This also serves as an extension for my first post! You can read it here [[1]]

    Some has asked me, " What's good in encountering more AWs? I am new to VC, and I always get the same old reward of 1000 friendship points, have I done it wrong?"

    First thing first: What's good in encountering more AWs?

    Encountering more AWs gives you three things: Archwitch Hunt pts, 2 rewards (either be cards, swords, shoes, traps, or Arcana cards), and a chance to fight FAW! (That's the main point)

    If you are…

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  • LuluChoy

    Hi! It is me, LuluChoy again~ Thank you for reading my post!

    Thanks CharSiewBao & Xninebreaker for the extra information!

    Refer to the last post I had typed previously about Getting R or above cards for Free Users,[[1]], I had mentioned about the usage of jewels. For free players, the jewels are only obtained either by clearing campaign stages, quests or compensation from VC (but that is rare, mostly happened in Alliance battles) bit by bit. Or you can earn a few of them from downloading applications online, but I don't recommend it.

    Some of you have asked me, "Then where to spend the jewels?"

    Well, I would say, it depends. But I would recommend the best one for you , as well as listing other ways that I don't recommend.


    • Buy Magic Schoo…
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  • LuluChoy

    Hello everyone! I am LuluChoy. I have been playing VC since Dec last year. I wanted to try writing a blog post, but it looks like a guide rather than a post... (T3T)

    I am a free user, and a FAW trader.

    I know nothing about VC before, and I was being a little rookie and don't know how to kill a AW or a FAW, and every time a fail to kill a FAW... missing a lot of chances to get special rewards.

    As a TCG player, I am sure that all of you, no matter as a free player or vice versa, wanted to get more stronger cards, like the Limited SR cards and the UR cards.

    For the players who uses money to buy jewels, they have a greater chances to get better cards. But unfortunately, for free players, we don't have jewels to spend on summoning or what-so-ever.


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