Hi! It is me, LuluChoy again~ Thank you for reading my post!

Thanks CharSiewBao & Xninebreaker for the extra information!

Refer to the last post I had typed previously about Getting R or above cards for Free Users,[[1]], I had mentioned about the usage of jewels. For free players, the jewels are only obtained either by clearing campaign stages, quests or compensation from VC (but that is rare, mostly happened in Alliance battles) bit by bit. Or you can earn a few of them from downloading applications online, but I don't recommend it.

Some of you have asked me, "Then where to spend the jewels?"

Well, I would say, it depends. But I would recommend the best one for you , as well as listing other ways that I don't recommend.


  • Buy Magic Schools

Definitely, most recommended thing I would say in spending jewels! Buy magic schools can GREATLY increase your AW encounter rate! That means you can fight more AW more often! One cost 500 jewels normally in the shop and 250 jewels in the 4M user campaign. It may seems to be costly but I am sure that you will regret if you don't! Try to upgrade the magic school to the maximum as you can. Upgrading your castle CANNOT increase the no. of magic schools in your kingdom... That bad. More information can be founded in Buildings

  • Buy Yggdrasils

Well, after you upgrade your magic school to somewhere in level 3-4, it is Yggdrasil's show time! Now, just by reading the description in the shop, I think most of you think that it is not that attractive, but I will tell you that it is worth buying it, especially if you are in a low level. Yggdrasil can increase one's BP maximum pt. by 2, but not regenerating it, and it cannot by further upgrade, unlike magic school. But try to think, you can battle with 2 more AWs and no need to wait the BP to regenerate! You actually regenerate 1 more BP every time you use the Valkyrie Sword Light, which means more efficient in using Valkyrie sword light! (As it only fills up half of your BP) It is worth when you calculated it in long term. Buy one Yggdrasil every 3 lvl of magic school you upgrade, then that's fine.

  • Buy Card Limit +5

It is available in the shop. Personally I would buy them for collecting for cards. It is very annoying that you always have the card limit hit, right? So I bought these card limits, they only cost for 150 jewels in the Item section in the shop. You can also get these in clearing stage 10-6 of the celestial realm map. Well it is not a MUST in buying Card Limit, so judge it yourself, I have bought 7 of them already.


  • Buy Airship Docks

Well... Actually, I don't think I have a chance to use it now because I am not a max. lvl user which maxes out everything they have in their kingdom. If you are a max. lvl player, then you can buy it to increase the storage of all your resources, but now for me I can still build storage houses for that. It costs 500 jewels same as Yggdrasil and Magic School in the shop so I don't think it is attractive. But the animation is very pretty I think, if you want to see what it looks like, try to find it on the first few players on the AW ranking chart, I am sure that one of them must have an airship dock. So I don't recommend free players who are still trying to level up to buy Airship Dock, it is not so worthy for NOW.

  • Buy Workshops

Sigh... It also depends on your wish, but I don't think it is actually necessary for free players who are almost patient enough to wait the building to be finished and then start a new project afterwards. Really, as free players, we know that we need to pay a lot of time in playing, so, why not save up the money and use it for other items that are more worthy?

Well, some has commented like this: "The 3rd workshop is 500 jewels, and the 4th one is 1k. There's a lot of value in obtaining a 3rd workshop very early on. The longer you play, the more value you get out of it. By buying the 3rd workshop you increase your kingdom productivity by 50%. And when the upgrades can take days the value of a workshop grows at an exponential rate. Eventually it'll save you weeks and possibly months worth of time... I would recommend the 3rd workshop as the very first jewel buy." by Xninebreaker

I would say that it depends on the player's choice, some of them may wanted to battle more AWs and get more rewards rather than overkilling it. So I would say, just left the readers to judge whether they should buy it or not.

  • Buy Sets & Swords & Shoes & Upgrade Potions & Deck Cost & Trap

Firstly, swords, shoes, traps can be gained by fighting F/AW battles, which you will get a light version of them, and also traps, which I think is useless. The full version of swords and shoes can be gained in the ranking chart of the AW battles. So, I won't spend jewels on sth. that can be easily gained. Secondly, I think Upgrade potions are not that quite useful. They have a time limit of seven days, which looks like long, but I would choose sth. that is permanent, such as magic schools etc. Really, 20% is not that attractive... Your proc cards can increase up to 200% already, get what I mean? Thirdly, Deck cost can be expanded through upgrading Barrracks with resources. If you are in need of using a strong card to fight AWs for ACE, I think that is not that benefitial. As I have mentioned, getting an ACE won't much affect the type of card you are rewarded from the battle, it does, a little percentage. So instead of wasting your lovely jewels, why not stack up them for further usage?

  • Instantly finish sth.

Well it is a common sense that using jewels can instantly finished any building projects you have in the kingdom, but I don't think it is cheap to use jewels to finish it, especially the Castle, 970 jewels to finish a 4 day project! Orz.... I rather go trying my luck in summoning than paying that huge amount of jewels for instant finishing. Just like the Workshop, just wait until the building is finish, I think 5 days is not a long day for free players right?

  • Summoning

Well, it depends. If you think you are super lucky that you can guarantee you can summon a SR or a UR card in a few tries, then go ahead. But I won't spend this on gambling. You can also get the SR cards in AW battles, I'd rather fight a few more AWs than playing luck. Also, what VC said hyper summoning where the UR cards appearing rate increase x3 is nuts, honestly, no blaming! It is known that the UR summoning rate is less than 1%? I forget. If it is x3, then it means a total of 3% out of 100%. I am not Mr. Four Leaf Clover or Mr. Rabbit Leg, so I don't think I can get the UR cards out of that tiny probability. I know that some of you may think or have actually try that out and success, but I tell you one thing, can luck be with you every time you summon?

So, to conclude, upgrading in sth. about AW battles would be great. I love magic schools!

LuluChoy (talk) 16:05, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

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