• LyraVC

    TY Mynet Support

    June 20, 2016 by LyraVC

    Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Mynet support team.

    At the end of the Stolas Sisters event, I worked my butt off to stay within the top 1k ranks (used like 26 keys on the last day, it took hours t_t). While trying to de-clutter the present box with the hundreds and hundreds of items from spamming EH and bonus area, I realized that the only space time feather I had was from the ranking rewards, and thought that I had deleted my progress point rewards feather accidentally (it turns out that this isn't even possible, thankfully. It just sits around in the 'All' tab). I had missed it because I was looking in every present box tab except for the all tab lol.

    Even though I hadn't deleted it, Mynet support responded extremely quickly. I ex…

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