Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Mynet support team.

At the end of the Stolas Sisters event, I worked my butt off to stay within the top 1k ranks (used like 26 keys on the last day, it took hours t_t). While trying to de-clutter the present box with the hundreds and hundreds of items from spamming EH and bonus area, I realized that the only space time feather I had was from the ranking rewards, and thought that I had deleted my progress point rewards feather accidentally (it turns out that this isn't even possible, thankfully. It just sits around in the 'All' tab). I had missed it because I was looking in every present box tab except for the all tab lol.

Even though I hadn't deleted it, Mynet support responded extremely quickly. I expected to have to wait up to two weeks, but they responded within a few hours, and they were very friendly and courteous explaining the situation and how to find the feather. They even went as far as to check my account log and paste in the section with the date and time that the feather was acquired.

So yes, it was just a stupid oversight on my part and they weren't required to take any action, but I wanted to commend them for the very prompt and professional service. It gives me a lot of confidence in the team they have over there - they certainly exceeded my expectations.

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