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    Because I saw some people posting their thoughts about the current events, I think I should do too. Can I?

    Well, my blog might be not as systematic as theirs. SInce I just pour whatever I had in mind.

    Let's start...

    Hmm, first of all...I really like Nubee's twist on the FAW battle.

    Giving 2 guards to the FAW would spice up the battle. I mean, it's kinda boring to see 1 vs 5 match everytime.

    Most players would put Critical hitters for main damage dealer, along with one or two buffers to ensure 999999 damage everytime the Critters proc.

    And then Nubee came with the current idea.

    Exploiting Critters' weakness (the inability to pick targets) to mess up with players' tactic.

    Now players can't just tap to win. They have to get rid of the guards first. O…

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    May 19, 2014 by Magna.Zero

    No no. It's not because my name contains zero, but...this kind of zero can make you jump from your seat when you play VC.

    So it was yesterday, just a normal sunday. More like, a quite boring sunday.

    I was being an active (autistic) VC player, since I got nothing much to do. Played since the dawn until afternoon.

    Got about 1.2 M subdue points, due to flooding kill requests. Yeah, it's sunday, so expect more active senders.

    Every minute, my phone beep-ed with VC notifications on screen. 'You have received a request to assist in a subjugation of an Archwitch'

    Okay. I kill or poke every AW available on screen.

    That was very tiring. Yeah I admit, my eyes concentrate on the screen too much. Luckily I used dark screen guard so the brightness can be red…

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    Next project

    May 12, 2014 by Magna.Zero

    So I was just finished making HSR Ragnarok from amalgamation yesterday. Took a look at her initial stats, wow that's just good. As expected from 'perfect' amalgamation product.

    Glad I got enough materials to make 2 'perfect' Ragnarok-s. Well, collecting Slimes for quick EXP weren't easy task.

    Now that I got her to Lv. 57 without Slimes, I'm thinking to max her out. Three procs seem to be not really troublesome for quick AW kills.

    With that in mind, I revamped my second anti-AW team.

    Sophie might be not good for some players. But I decided to make good use of her. Despite her lacking stats, her HP is quite good. Not to mention high chance for skill proc. Two ammo-s wouldn't be a problem. Plus dat cute look...

    19999 Atk/Def with 10700 HP? That wo…

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    I said was.

    Not is.

    Well, I accidentally formatted my SD card on my phone. So I lost all my data, including VC. asdfgghjkl

    At first I thought the SD card went error, so I restarted my phone continously that night.

    Thing was so desperate that day. Well, not that bad...but still, losing all my VC progress from all these months...all the girls...


    So yesterday I dealt with it. I re-downloaded VC, and installed it on my newly re-formatted SD card.

    Installing...updating. They sure took time.

    And suddenly...

    Thank God. I felt so relieved...

    Turned out the player data is saved on the device memory ( or is it ? )

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