So today, I woke up at 6.30 am.

After washing my face and a bit stretching, I turned on my phone and logged in to VC. 

Checking my cards, I realized that I already have 6 Brunhilds from yesterday's hunt. Quite much. I didn't expect to get that much in the very short timeframe, but oh well. That's a good sign. Thank God.

I was thinking how will I raise all these Brunhilds? Considering it would take 5 Brunhilds to form a HR Brunhild, and I would need that HR Brunhild for the upcoming Cu Chulainn.

So I put 5 of them on a Unit, and tested them on the battles.

Not too bad. But their buff don't stack, so actually it would be a waste to put all of them in one unit.

After some minutes passed, (and killing some AW in the way) this happened:

1479535 10202385910591554 1909509503 n


My Brunhilds met a Brunhild on the way.

To add more Brunhild to it, I got a Brunhild again after beating her.

So now, I have 7 Brunhilds.

Well, with only 2 Slimes left on my inventory, now how to get all of them to max level...

Ah maybe I can just collect all the ingredient cards, and combine them later on.

Maybe I'll do the same to Volcanus later. But since Volca is a SR, I think the chance to get a lot of her is hard...

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