Getting disconnected sucks.

Really, it sucks big time.

Especially when you do big score vs AW.

All your efforts and BP gone to waste. And the game treats it like you were ragequitting.

It happened this morning, I encountered a Lv. 200 AW and did around 1.5M damage.

Suddenly net connection got DC-ed.

It froze right after the big 'Victory' text pops out. So it went to unlimited loading works, and suddenly a message saying 'Check your Internet Connection' came.

All the feelings were mixed up. I want to throw up my phone but I can't. Well, I bought it with money and all.

And then I relogged back to VC.

I got this message.

1468762 10202402237519717 648401036 n

bad day

...all my efforts went to waste. 

To make it worse, the AW still there and healthy. While I lost 1 BP.

1471748 10202402241239810 72722418 n

bad day 2


All the rage was gathered on my mind and I want to scream it out loud. But I can't, since it was still morning.

I killed the AW anyway, and got N cards. Pretty disappointed. Much.

Well, I'm sure it happened to some of you. And this one isn't my first too. I've got those message several times already.

The bright side:

988766 10202400382433341 2036778770 n


At least I maxed up the affection level for Angel. Time to make her HR.

Well, just a rant of the day...Don't take it seriously. :v

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