So I was just finished making HSR Ragnarok from amalgamation yesterday. Took a look at her initial stats, wow that's just good. As expected from 'perfect' amalgamation product.

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just another Ragnarok

Glad I got enough materials to make 2 'perfect' Ragnarok-s. Well, collecting Slimes for quick EXP weren't easy task.

Now that I got her to Lv. 57 without Slimes, I'm thinking to max her out. Three procs seem to be not really troublesome for quick AW kills.

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please don't look at the bewbs

With that in mind, I revamped my second anti-AW team.

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please don't look at the left, it's embarassing D:

Sophie might be not good for some players. But I decided to make good use of her. Despite her lacking stats, her HP is quite good. Not to mention high chance for skill proc. Two ammo-s wouldn't be a problem. Plus dat cute look...

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Sophie asdf

19999 Atk/Def with 10700 HP? That would be totally worth it, imo. At least for a freebie HSR.

Why Eir? I'm just putting her for filler and bonus. Eir + Ammy + Cuchu would give Goddess of Protection which will be really helpful. While her skill doesn't really impress some, I think that might be handy.

I'm just quite worried about Ammy. While her skill is useful, single buffer cards tend to buff wrong.

So yeah...I might need a second buffer to replace Eir soon. I hope next F/AW will be team buffer. Even if it's battle start only, like Uriel.

Now another problem rose...Can I gather tons of medals to max them? Well, that would take really loooooooong time. I hope I can collect much quickly. Plus I can't play 24/7 like a zombie. I have a work to do.

I think that's all I want to share. Ran out of ideas to share.

Now, do you think it's worthy to upgrade them (Ragnarok & Sophie) ? Or do you have any suggestions?

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