No, I won't mention Cu Chulainn now. Since I'm not sure I can have her.

First, because the SR drop well, real hard (bad).

I know it's based on luck and (some said) RNG aka the beloved Random Number Generator.

Either way, I still have no Volcanus after hours of hunting.

I'm still able to kill her toughest form in one shot (via Astaroth's Love Sacrifice) 'though.

Screenshot 2013-11-27-18-50-52

no, not this one

Sorry, I forgot to take the screenie when I fought the toughest Volcanus. But I didn't lie. I really fought that.

Also, GG drop rate.

The frustration made me can't enjoy killing AWs. (That's my anti AW team on the pic btw)

Second, extra 5% drop rate didn't help at all. Well, or it's just my luck was bad at the day.

To add more salts to the wound, I didn't even get a single SR from killing dozens of AW (including assists).

Well...I'm totally speechless. This frustration killing my spirit to do AW hunting and explorations. :v

 Those aside, finally Hacker greeted me. I'm happy.

Screenshot 2013-11-27-23-42-08

welcome Hacker

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