No no. It's not because my name contains zero, but...this kind of zero can make you jump from your seat when you play VC.

So it was yesterday, just a normal sunday. More like, a quite boring sunday.

I was being an active (autistic) VC player, since I got nothing much to do. Played since the dawn until afternoon.

Got about 1.2 M subdue points, due to flooding kill requests. Yeah, it's sunday, so expect more active senders.

Every minute, my phone beep-ed with VC notifications on screen. 'You have received a request to assist in a subjugation of an Archwitch'

Okay. I kill or poke every AW available on screen.

That was very tiring. Yeah I admit, my eyes concentrate on the screen too much. Luckily I used dark screen guard so the brightness can be reduced greatly.

Anyway, I was playing for hours and killing stuffs. But one thing bugged me a lot was...

I got no Dark Alice. Not even Bertina. Not even any SR.


I guess my luck was terrible these days.

And suddenly it changed...

Got my first Alice around 3 pm. Was from assist though, not my own FAW.

10346893 10203650222998574 296998595 n

tfw the Ace scored lower damage than me...

And it gave me a blast. One more to go.

And after several kills, my connection suddenly derped.

Got dc-ed thrice, and one of them was when I'm still in the middle of FAW fight.

But then:

10346892 10203650664449610 1511268092 n

zero and...

I guess now I know how does it feel when you scored 0 damage and got SR.

Didn't take long to max her out 'though. Less than 5 minutes.

10370748 10203650735251380 1474019986 n

arousing for unknown reason

I put her on my duel team. Replacing Jingle Bell. Still don't want to replace Diana, despite Alice having way higher HP.

And it surprises me that her HSR form only costs 47. While normally most HSRs (non accident) would cost 50 and above.

Guess she's on a heavy diet while enlarging her bust, eh?

Anyway, still no second Bertina up until now...Not that she's useful 'though. I already have Nicola (maxed) for Light elemental self-buffer. And she (Nicola) is also rarely used.

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