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  • I live in your kokoro
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is trying to find a time to rest.
  • I am too busy working.
  • Mecruial

    Before I went on my one-year hiatus, I deleted all of my comrades. 

    I've decided to up my rank a little for this event, but after a few days my rank has dropped harshly due to lack of comrades sending to me. 

    If possible, can you guys leave your IDs in the comments if you're a trader/can you recommend some good comrades or traders? 

    Thanks :) 

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  • Mecruial

    I am QUITTING!!!

    October 22, 2014 by Mecruial

    Hey fellow Valkyrie crusade players!! I have decided to quit this game after I discovered that I am no longer interested.

    To be honest, my interest for this game has been dropping out of frustration and difficulty from ranking. I have spent TONS of time on VC, and I have to admit that I sometimes I don't do my homework due to the desperation of ranking. I have forced myself to log in for the past few days due to my comrades and my alliance. I seriously just logged in, accepted rewards and contributed and logged off. I didn't battle AWs or help at all. That's how much I lost interest in this game.

    Some reasons why I lost interest is because:

    1. VC requires wayyyy too much time to even get started on (It took me one year to actually START. As …

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