• Mia Skye

    Limited Enemy Drop Rates

    August 10, 2015 by Mia Skye

    Looking at the current Limited Enemies wiki page, it doesn't seem go into any detail about the drop rates, other than the fact that successive victories will increase the drop rate. A cursory search through the blogs yielded no results as well. I also saw a post on a different forum attempting to pinpoint the average number of victories, so I was inspired to investigate it myself, albeit more mathematically. If anyone wants to incorporate this information into the Limited Enemies page, that would be cool, since I don't know if my writing would fit stylistically.

    First, I'll go over the drop rates for the different difficulties:

    Difficulty (cats) Base Drop Rate Bonus Drop Rate
    1 .39% +.50%
    2 .46% +.60%
    3 .56% +.80%
    4 .71% +.90%
    5 .99% +1.20%


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