• Mrbounty

    hi guys and girls :)

    this is my first blog so i'm new to this.

    my in-game name is mrs bounty id=9k85b

    we are looking for active players of lvl 40+ who would like to join my guild Phoenix wing.

    our guild is currently level 12 rank 3 and we're hoping to get to a lvl 20 gold alliance rank 10+ with the help of our new members.

    we have currently 1 other active member in our guild and 1 semi-active.

    there are a few obligations.

    1 try to join the AUB as much as possible. (you don't have to win neccesary just join it)

    2 try to donate as much resources as possible

    3 try to get online once a day. (doesn't have to be all day)

    hope you would like to join us :)

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