• Munacra

    Just some numbers for people who are curious on how many points they can get per alliance duel event.

    This isn't really hard to figure out but I thought I'd put it out there for people who are lazy to figure it out for themselves.

    There are six days per alliance dual, with each day having four battles (except the first day, which has 3), and each battle having 16 BP that you can use. This gives us a total of 368 BP per alliance Duel

    You earn 1,000 points per victory without FT or comrade links, and 100 points per loss.

    Participation 100% Win 75% Win 50% Win
    6 Days

    100% 368,000 285,200 202,400
    75% 272,000 210,800 149,600
    50% 176,000 136,400   96,800

    5 Days 100% Win 75% Win 50% Win
    100% 304,000 235,600 167,200
    75% 224,000 173,600 123,200
    50% 144,000 111,600   79,…

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