• Neppudere

    Recently a new wave of cards are being introduced to VC that all use the Multi Hit skill archetype. Basically these cards unleash multiple hits on target(s), for varying degrees of power and volley #. Let's look at a few things.

    • VC's damage system is capped at 999k for non LAWs, and LAWs it's about 3m (3.7~m for elemental advantage). 
    • VC's buffing system operates on multiplicative stacking. Two 200% buffs = 9x the damage buff.
      • This makes it incredibly easy to hit damage cap values
    • Multi hits allow you to hit for multiple values of damage cap.
      • The strongest multi hit card right now is Halloween Hades which allows for up to 10 hits at 50% damage. 

    When you put this all together, a card like Hades just completely blows everything in the game before …

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  • Neppudere

    The verdict on the LAW

    September 30, 2015 by Neppudere

    Hey this is a quick off shoot post from my LAW guide, going over my feelings and suggestions for Nubee in regards to the LAW (dunno if they'll ever see this). 

    I like the top level concept of LAWs, albiet mosty because there's no definitive negative. Nothing is really lost from LAW being implemented, and for the few gimmicks it brings to gameplay/endgame, it's therefore an overall positive change. The other thing that I really like about LAWs is that it's a seperate avenue of endgame for players who don't want to rank. Ranking Rewards aren't really anything to write home about; the exclusive URs aren't that strong anymore and ranking is a pain that requires a lot of EH Advanced grinding + lucky summons. The rewards from LAW are decently nic…

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  • Neppudere

    Some of you might've heard about the new change to Skill Nullers (called Shielders in my AW/FAW guide), and you might've reacted like this:

    To be honest, I reacted the same way at first too, until I read about it a little and played around with it myself. After some dead FAWs (and no drops later), I think I started to have a grasp of things. So Neppy here decided to sacrifice some BP and run some tests against AWs and FAWs. 

    I used two teams:

    • One which consisted of 2 Hyper Alchemists and 3 Nullers. I sent this team against AWs. 
    • My Primary FAW killng team: 2 Hyper Alchs, 1 Speedster, 1 EQueen, 1 Summer Oracle. All are GUR except one Alchemist. 

    I fought against the AWs as long as I can and I used to FAW as a practical field test. The results th…

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  • Neppudere

    Been playing for about a month and a half now, spent a bit of money over that time to buy some Yagg/Magic school and increase team cost. Used some of the leftover funds to try my hands at a few summons. Landed myself a Prometheus from flip summon and a Pala from Special Summon. 

    Currently the team I'm using is GUR Speedster, GUR Summer Oracle, UR Prometheus, UR Pala, and HSR Elsa. It works of the times against FAW; if Pala procs I'm 95% garanteed a 1BP kill, and if Prometheus procs it's about the same thing. However if a Field or Ray makes it past Oracle or if Prometheus is killed off before she can proc it's pretty much a defeat. I stuffed a decent amount of forced atk/def into my Speedster so with Prometheus proc she can hit about 999999…

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