Been playing for about a month and a half now, spent a bit of money over that time to buy some Yagg/Magic school and increase team cost. Used some of the leftover funds to try my hands at a few summons. Landed myself a Prometheus from flip summon and a Pala from Special Summon. 

Currently the team I'm using is GUR Speedster, GUR Summer Oracle, UR Prometheus, UR Pala, and HSR Elsa. It works <most> of the times against FAW; if Pala procs I'm 95% garanteed a 1BP kill, and if Prometheus procs it's about the same thing. However if a Field or Ray makes it past Oracle or if Prometheus is killed off before she can proc it's pretty much a defeat. I stuffed a decent amount of forced atk/def into my Speedster so with Prometheus proc she can hit about 999999 against Light FAWs, and about 700-750k against non light cards. 

Other noteworthy cards I have lying around are GSR Leviathan Ex, another UR Summer Oracle, SR Lynx, HSR Circe, a small handful of 2star SR Critters, and Journalist. Anyway to improve my team? If not right now, what are some cards types I should be looking to acquire in the future from either events or summons? 

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