Recently a new wave of cards are being introduced to VC that all use the Multi Hit skill archetype. Basically these cards unleash multiple hits on target(s), for varying degrees of power and volley #. Let's look at a few things.

  • VC's damage system is capped at 999k for non LAWs, and LAWs it's about 3m (3.7~m for elemental advantage). 
  • VC's buffing system operates on multiplicative stacking. Two 200% buffs = 9x the damage buff.
    • This makes it incredibly easy to hit damage cap values
  • Multi hits allow you to hit for multiple values of damage cap.
    • The strongest multi hit card right now is Halloween Hades which allows for up to 10 hits at 50% damage. 

When you put this all together, a card like Hades just completely blows everything in the game before her out of the water. Remember Atalanta/Mochitsuki? How we thought they would be incredibly strong? Now there's a Free card that is about twice as strong as her. What could the paid version of her bring about? 15x hits? 

I think Multi hit is incredibly problematic because the strongest cards in VC will be the cards that have the most multi hit counters. Literally all other cards will be support for multi hitters. Multi hit cards also make Critters completely obselete. Critters will always be capped at 999k, whereas a multihitter who doesn't even reach damage cap can easily out damage a critter. (For example with Hades, say she only hits 200k per mini hit. 200k * 7 or 10 = 1400k or 2000k. A lot more than 999k)  

Here's some suggestions I have: 

  • Multi hitters have their own damage cap values.
  • Critters have their damage cap values raised to 10x of what they are right now. 
  • A new skill that removes damage cap from a card for 1-3 turns (Might be broken because of how easy it is to stack damage though) 

What do you guys think?

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