December 2014 event their a event that cause player gain Frosty Nightmare and WITCHGATE

Trollbee do this gain money. Like in summon. Rate UP LOL. Here is the tip. Both WG and Curse area 5-1

This is not guaranteed 100% but if you(player) only read the increase rate drop if you kill a arcwitch

Limited enemy in area 5-1

Item to use you have to cost sword and shoe. 

1. find aw but sometime you found limted enemy just kill. It will increase your drop rate

2. don't kill it and find a le. It will cost you shoes. Witchgate appears to much this area.

Suggested area: area 5-1 vitality 7

3. Kill the le it. Pray if the drop you what you needed

4. If not drop what u needed just kill that aw and "faw" (if ur a ranker) them back in step 1

This what i said is not guaranteed. You have think and read. you also use free vit what time will appear in the castle but it will slow pace if u only use that u have no shoe or don't want use shoe.

Limited enemy in WG


Suggested save your maiden ticket or jewel to order change it in red shoes.

Item to used and Tip

Red Shoes or light blue shoe.

Why save "more shoes" lately. Is the new theme.

Suggested to Hunt. If up to you this is just tip 

WitchGate Boss

In This area.

If still want to play this game. Patience and Save only way to survive any game

Just a tip it up to u to believe it or not.

- Free Player

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