When I first joined this game, I was rather optimistic at the idea of playing a fun card game with cute girls with it. After a few months however, I've realized that everything, including my optimism, is spiraling down towards oblivion.

The first reason is my alliance. When I first joined them, everyone had a decent participation rate in AUB. We usually secured rank 1 or 2 but lately, the participation rate as well as the ranking are drastically going down. Rank 3-4 are more and more common with every new AUB days. Another thing that bothers me is our leader's reluctancy to expel non-participating/dead members as well as his lack of participation... I'm also starting to believe that his reasons are just excuses not to.

The second reason is my terrible luck during the current event. I've always managed to secure myself an HUR archwitch during past events either with drops or ranking but as it is now, I'm still 1000 ranks away from securing a Leona and I still haven't unlocked 5-1 because RIKAYU HAS STILL NOT DROPPED AFTER 10 BRITTLE KEYS! And my brittle key drop luck isn't good either... The latest 5 witch gates only netted me 3 keys.

The third and final reason is where the game is going. With the new brittle key and the awakening card system in place, the gem system is going places. I've also taken the time to read previous blog posts from other users who mentioned new changes in the gem system which depressed me even more and further solidated my view on the upcoming gem store changes. The future of this game is very grim to my eyes.

My short term solutions for this problem is to find myself a new/more active alliance after this AUB session, try to find some additional time to archwitch/witch gate hunt.

Or I can just simply quit when my OCD kicks in and strickly stick to kancolle, a game that does the money system right.

UPDATE: In the end, I never managed to get a Leona from drops but I solidated a rank and got one from it. I also managed to net myself 1 Rikayu + 3 on the final rush giving me 2 UR Rikayu which is finally giving me an edge against Fantasy archwitches. I also left my alliance and found one that was much better, with very active members as well as strict participation rules.

I also got 9 Elsa drops... why?

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