Hello. I'm NovaSolaris. I'm currently level 82 and have been playing since February. I've actually been playing since last year sometime but before I could get into it at that time, my phone died and didn't get a new Android until February.

I'm a free user and have yet to pay anything to the game to gain any sort of advantage, which is turning out pretty well for me. I have between 6 and 8 SR cards and lots of HR cards with a decently high knowledge of the game. There is only one problem that I have that's been bothering me for a while since it doesn't seem like it's very possible without paying or saving up a sh*t-load of Jewels. That problem being the acquiring of UltraRare cards.

I've summoned from Ultimate Summon and Premium Summon probably about 50 times all together right now (which is pretty high for a free user, in my opinion) but still have hardly any luck in getting SRs so URs seem to be out of the question with my horrible luck.

TL;DR: I'm wondering if there is another/easier way UR cards besides summoning.

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