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  • PYR0NY3H

    Dream Teams

    July 4, 2015 by PYR0NY3H

    Wow! I haven't posted in a while. The main reason is my tablet playing up, so i was not going on here to find out about cards. BUT NOW IM BACK. Kinda.

    Anyway, i saw someone do somthing of this sort and decided to do it to. So here it is,,, My Dream Teams!

    'P.S I may make like a second up dream deck and i may make more for people who want. Just 'sayin.

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  • PYR0NY3H

    Witch Gate Tips!

    March 28, 2015 by PYR0NY3H

    Last time I did tips, it ended terribly. This time, it won't end so bad.

    Yay more tips! This time, Witch gate tips! Witch gate is reasonably new and for an intermediate player like me, WG is quite good. I can kill FAWs by myself and so I can complete them easily without too much sacrifice.

    But some people arent as lucky as me, they are either new or just don't have the luck of getting good cards. So I hope these tips help those struggling with WG.

    1. Getting the WG itself. I have seen someone say a thing they use to try to get a WG, so I tried it for myself and confirmed it works a good 50% chance of getting a WG. So here it is. First, scout an area for a AW. Go for a area with low vitality so you have enough vitality for the WG. Once you get…

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  • PYR0NY3H

    I've recently found a bunch of cool pictures to turn into OCs, and here is the first of the few! There is a Dark and two Cools comming up ( Over the next 3-4 weeks ) soon. So here she is!


    Name- Love Fairy

    Element- Passion

    Rank- UR/HUR

    Hope you like her, I made this without using a mouse so the edges and stuff are a bit off, but I guess I cant do better. I'm not quite sure on how to make the UR/HUR stats right so I'm leaving that blank.

    Enjoy! ~PYR0NY3H

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  • PYR0NY3H

    More OCs!

    March 2, 2015 by PYR0NY3H

    Yay! So I've made some more OCs and I'm gonna share them! This is my own card, made nearly from scratch!

    I am currently making another one which uses the base of a retired card.

    Enjoy my cards, any info to make these better would be awesome!

    Thanks~ PYRONY3H


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  • PYR0NY3H

    Summoning Tips!

    February 18, 2015 by PYR0NY3H

    Last time it was AW Tips

    But now

    *Drum roll*

    Summoning Tips!

    Now you may be thinking,

    Wut culd sumonig tipz hlp bout? U dust sumon nd stuf

    Well no.

    Somethings are good to know for getting dat SR/UR you want!

    First up, save those tickets.

    Premium and Ultimate tickets.

    If you save these and use them in large amounts, there is a bigger chance of getting that night background in the summon.

    Also, use the premium tickets first, so maybe you can save up those maiden tickets and get an extra ultimate ticket.

    Try using your tickets at the start of an event, giving you more chance to get one of the cards that give you extra damage+AWpoints.

    Last of all, if you use diamonds for summoning, save them too. Save them and use them at the same time or like the Premium…

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