Yay! So after a good night sleep I came up with more details about Queen Red Rose, and also fixed the full picture.

Queen Red Rose HUR UPDATED

Queen Red Rose Updated Ver

Base/Max Attack  9720 / 17034

Base/Max Defense 9457 / 16580

Base/Max Soliders 11402 / 17860

Max Skill info Own ATK up 400% up / 20% chance

Number of procs: 1

Login: Welcome, aren't the roses pretty today?

Obtain: In need? Of me? Expect the responsibility of taking care of my roses.

Battle Start: How dare you insult my roses! You shall be punished!

Defeat: It seems the roses are losing their petals

Availability: Princess Black Rose Evolution Accident

Maximum friendship quotes

I think the roses are rather fond of you. I think I feel the same.    -  Character quote

My roses are part of me, as if they are my heart. So I want to give one to you, my dear. - Maximum friendship quote

Anything that I am missing, please say. Hope you like my card! ~ PYR0NY3H


I fixed the pic now AGAIN. I fixed the crown a bit and also a few other things.

Queen Red Rose HUR Update UPDATED

Re Update


The Updated Icon

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