Last time it was AW Tips

But now

*Drum roll*

Summoning Tips!

Now you may be thinking,

Wut culd sumonig tipz hlp bout? U dust sumon nd stuf

Well no.

Somethings are good to know for getting dat SR/UR you want!

First up, save those tickets.

Premium and Ultimate tickets.

If you save these and use them in large amounts, there is a bigger chance of getting that night background in the summon.

Also, use the premium tickets first, so maybe you can save up those maiden tickets and get an extra ultimate ticket.

Try using your tickets at the start of an event, giving you more chance to get one of the cards that give you extra damage+AWpoints.

Last of all, if you use diamonds for summoning, save them too. Save them and use them at the same time or like the Premium tickets, because they also give you Maiden tickets.

Thats all I can think of right now, if you have a tip, say so and I might add it to here.

What tips should I do next time?

Sayonara my pepperbronies ~PYR0NY3H EDIT Ive been reading the comments saying this helps not at all. I apologise for not metioning about the awakening summons and stuff. Its just that I haven't really done many summons during the awaken summon time, and same with the UR SR chance up summons so this is just in general. Im not promising that you'll get a SR or a UR, sometimes the drops are terrible. But I am just saying that summoning in large amounts gets just a bit more of a chance, beacause the more summons the more chance And dont BS me 'Good bye

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