Please could you help me make a list of all special characters that can be used in the game? Think it would be helpful for everyone :) I found these below, credits to SweetxKiss from tcgapp forum. If you know of more please share and comment, thanks!

Symbols: ★ ☆ ♀ ♂ ♪ $ ∮ « » < > 《 》 「 」 『』 【 】 ○ ↑ ← → ↓ ¶ ∞ + % & @ # =
Greek: α β γ δ ε ϝ θ ι κ μ ν ο π τ ψ ω
Cyrillic: в ғ к м н Яя Юю Ээ Ыы Ъъ Щщ Шш Чч Цц Фф Пп Лл Йй Ии Жж Ёё Дд Гг Бб

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