• Peppakin

    This event I drew the points UR for the first time.  I rarely use diamonds on a summons, but was chasing the SR points card and decided to use 600 diamonds for step 2.  And instead of the points SR, I had the points UR drop.  Fortunately, I had an UR MM there, so was able to evolve and eventually awaken her.  I also had the points SR drop from a UST, and a second of her drop later in the event (again a UST), so this event have been playing with both the GUR and GSR points cards and as a result am R10 today.

    I've played with the SR points cards many times before, but the GUR is something else again and has made me more aware of how this game seems to be gradually evolving so that players who can cash get more and more advantages.  Or that's …

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