• Polysium

    The recent Alliance Ultimate Battles confirmed a hunch I've had for a while.

    English-based alliances aren't as strong (in terms of AUB strength) as Asian alliances.


    My first though was that the AUB times favored Asian alliances. If they were flipped, surely English based alliances would outperform them, right? Maybe not. Rounds 1 and 3 occur 11 hours apart, and we'd expect to see a reversal of results if timezones were the only contributing factor, but rarely is this the case.

    Someone in my alliance suggested that jewels/rods are cheaper in China and Japan. I don't know. If someone can confirm or refute this, that would be cool.

    The third and most likely scenario is that Asian gamers as a whole are more intense than their Western counterpa…

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  • Polysium

    Amazing New Skills!

    January 9, 2015 by Polysium

    The new skills released by Nubee have been underwhelming, so here are 10 fresh, creative ideas:

    10. Multiple attacks on a single enemy, breaking the damage cap

    9. Full self ressurection if KO'd within 3 turns of activation

    8. If this card is KO'd in the turn after activation (unless it is your last card), the card that KO'd this card is also KO'd

    7. Redirect all damage within the next 3 turns towards self, including all AoE damage

    6. Autoskill: Unit Attack 100% up. Unit Defense 200% down

    5. Archwitch subdue points 50% up if victory is obtained in the turn after activation

    4. Autoskill: Archwitch subdue points +5% for every consecutive FAW aced without fail

    3. Reduce the soldier count of your entire team to 1 each. Own Attack 5000% up

    2. Autoskill: …

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  • Polysium

    One Year From Today

    December 3, 2014 by Polysium

    What will Valkyrie Crusade look like one year from today? Well...

    A few months ago, I made a thread titled "Things that annoy you in VC ". Turns out there were a lot of things about this game that pissed people off. As of now, these are the two biggest:

    1. Ranking in Alliance Duels/Battles has always been pay to win. Fine. But Nubee decided to take it one step further and made Archwitch hunting pay to win as well.

    2. The vitality required to farm Awakening material is beyond unreasonable. There is a cap of 8 empty steps you can take before encountering a F/AW. That means for every dot on your Witch Gate map, you can expect to spend up to 56 vitality. Note that the description for magic school is "Increases [Battle points] and raises archwitch…

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