The new skills released by Nubee have been underwhelming, so here are 10 fresh, creative ideas:

10. Multiple attacks on a single enemy, breaking the damage cap

9. Full self ressurection if KO'd within 3 turns of activation

8. If this card is KO'd in the turn after activation (unless it is your last card), the card that KO'd this card is also KO'd

7. Redirect all damage within the next 3 turns towards self, including all AoE damage

6. Autoskill: Unit Attack 100% up. Unit Defense 200% down

5. Archwitch subdue points 50% up if victory is obtained in the turn after activation

4. Autoskill: Archwitch subdue points +5% for every consecutive FAW aced without fail

3. Reduce the soldier count of your entire team to 1 each. Own Attack 5000% up

2. Autoskill: "Goddess of Protection" cards cannot proc

1. 10 turn timeskip on your own team. After 10 turns have passed, the enemy team is instantly OHKO'd

Got a new skill of your own? Think you can do better than Nubee? Feel free to share them with the VC community below. Who knows, maybe Nubee might actually implement some of these in the future ^_^

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