About time I tried experimenting with other kinds of squads. I read the comments in my previous blog posts, so I'm currently planning out new squads. Unfortunately, I don't have many HSRs/HURs, so I have to use SRs and URs. Based on the comments I read, here are the squads I planned with the cards I have, and I need your opinion on it.

Squad 1:

GSR Cetus/UR Oracle Ascendant, SR Polaris/UR Huang Long, HSR Lynx, UR Moira, UR Lapraz/GSR Thor (credit to Kevenka for the suggestion on my birthday blog post)

Squad 2: 

UR Goetia/HUR Sanzo, UR Huang Long, UR Summer Oracle, HSR Lynx, GSR Cetus/UR Oracle Ascendant (credit to Zulfikar skylight

Squad 3:

UR Goetia, UR Huang Long, UR Hyper Alchemist, UR Lapraz/GSR Thor, GSR Cetus

That's it for now. Let me know in the comments what you think.

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