Been a while, hasn't it? This post will be quite short, though.

I read the blog post about VC possibly closing. Honestly, I don't want it to close because the game's grown on me over the past year and despite the RNG bullshit at times, I find the game very enjoyable. Collecting cards is my most favorite part of the game. I'm staying positive though, I don't think VC will close anytime soon. I don't know how many people played Nubee's other games, but there's a huge number of people playing VC, and I bet a lot of people enjoy it too. I'll be really sad if it closes, since I play the game everyday, and that would make one less thing for me to kill time with, and one less game that I frequently play. I'm also recently getting better cards, so I'll be doubly pissed if it closes soon. 

On to other things, yes, I got more event cards and even the LAW Celestia a while back, Monkey from WG rewards (only one copy though, but still works) and a few event FAWs fully evolved and awakened (except Moloch and currently trying to get two copies of Perchta). Summer Oracle was my skill null unit before I replaced her with GUR Hawkeye and finally replacing her with GUR Heroic Gilgamesh. It's sort of risky here, but if I get lucky, I can deal massive damage considering Celestia has a good ATK buff. 

I haven't been Summoning lately because I don't think it's something I can rely on to get good cards now, what with all the R cards I keep getting. I got a good stock of Awakening materials due to me clearing WGs tons of times, and with the pace of me getting a card eligible for Awakening, which isn't very often, I don't have to worry about them running out for a while. 

If I don't procrastinate, maybe I'll post something on Christmas. That's all for this post, have a great holiday, and see you guys on the next post. 

P.S Would appreciate if someone can give a thought on my current squad (UR Celestia, GUR Heroic Gilgamesh, UR Monkey, SR Sulis and UR Hyper Alchemist), thanks 

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