Welp, gonna keep my word about writing a blog post on my birthday. I don't have a lot in mind right now, so if this post turns out to be a short one, I apologize for that.

Firstly, the new event. This kinda surprised me because they made it Four Guardians-ish, except this time there's a whopping five FAWs. I see this as a great opportunity to earn a lot of subjugation points, and that's a good thing because my team's doing well in FAWs so far. I'm also starting to enjoy Elemental Hall, but I still prefer Witch Gate over it. I need to plan out my EH team first, for now I'm using my main team and another one which I randomly put up. 

Oh boy, the event cards. So far I got Cool Fairy and two Light Fairy drops, but if I do end up getting all of the fairies, I dunno if I'll amalgamate them, considering Elemental Queen has roughly the same skill as Huang Long . I'm guessing the event encourages players to use EH because amalmagation materials are only obtained there. Now that I'm finally starting to appreciate EH somewhat, I got no argument here. 

A friend of mine told me to focus on killing the FAW rather than the servants, prior to my friend saying that, I target servants first because I wanted the overkill damage bonus. Seeing as how the FAW could potentially use AoE when I'm targeting the servants, I decided to focus on the FAW only for now. Now I kill the servants when the FAW is at low HP and the stun skill activates. 

I haven't been summoning lately, as I stated in my previous post, but I got way too many Awakening materials from WG. Plus, I don't have any cards that can be Awakened other than Thor , which I already did. I almost got a second Goetia , but her likeability rating was still stuck at 4 3/4 hearts and the event ended before it could raise. 

I guess that's it for this post, see you guys next time and have a great day.

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