well, time to write another blog post

I just suffered the worst stroke of bad luck in VC just now. Being hit by a shitload of AoE by FAW consecutively in a Witch Gate while spending a lot of BP feels really, really bad. I got my revenge, though. What did I get? N cards. Can't complain, this is VC I'm playing here.

I'm kinda doing badly fighting FAWs in this event, the past two events went fine for me. I managed to get Speedster at the last minute and I got Summer Oracle rather easily in the previous event. As much as I want Goetia, I might have to miss out on getting her because I'm not sure if it's me or I've been getting bad skill activation luck or I've been hit by an AoE, thus making it a cheap win for the FAW. 

I haven't been summoning a lot lately due to the massive chances of getting an R card. Once I get enough cost, I'll see what I can put together and pray that it at least gives me a  better chance to win FAW battles. Currently, my whole team is maxed, I'm using Speedster, Polaris, Lynx, Vermillion Bird and Black Magic Woman. I'll still figuring out who's gonna get replaced by Summer Oracle, but, like I said, I don't have enough cost at the moment.

Now there's an Alliance Battle going on, I can forget my problems for a bit and go earn some points there, but there's this bug in my iPad that the notification for Alliance Battle starting shows up right after the round ended. And due to irl things and being forgetful sometimes, I sometimes forget there's an Alliance Battle held on that day.

I'm a bit disappointed they stopped making new Relic cards though, but at least now I get the chance to collect past Relic cards. Also, I've been getting challenged to duels more frequently than before, and usually I just lose relics which I already have more than one of. I'll try to update my defense team when I have time.

Half of this may sound like a rant, but don't get me wrong, I still like VC. They bring new events, which means more cards, and that means more cards for me to collect. Those are probably why I'm not on the verge on quitting. Ranking doesn't really interest me that much, tempting the rewards may be, but I recall someone saying the era of free ranking has ended, so I guess I'll just work with what I have.

That's it for this blog post, I guess. My birthday is coming up and a new event will be up by that time. I'll probably write another post that day.

Have a great day, and see ya next time

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