This may be a short post. I ran out of things to talk about some time back, so I haven't posted here in a while. Has my opinion changed since my last post? Well, not really. 

I haven't been paying attention to the News, so apologies if I did not mention any newly released features. First off, the new rarity: LR. Well, I'm not really sure what to say here, and I haven't really checked them out until writing this blog post, and all I can say is that they're really good, I guess. Sorry if it sounded lackluster, but I don't have any LRs at the moment to see firsthand how good they are in my opinion. Managing to hit the damage cap is good enough for me, so I think I can handle myself if I don't get an LR, just saying. As for Custom Skills, they're there if you need an extra kick to your LR cards. As of now, there's only AoE, so here's hoping they'll be adding more C.Skills soon. 

I skipped out on the last EH event. I'm not really a fan of EH, plus I haven't sorted my cards and checked if I can make at least decent enough elemental teams to go for difficulties other than Beginner, because continuously spamming that back then got boring for me. At the rate they're releasing Relena cards, I'm not surprised if she becomes the app icon. 

That aside, things have been going at a slow but steady pace for me. I've been using the same setup for F/AWs and L/AWs for a while now, and I should really try experimenting with other good setups. I got a good super buffer yesterday (Chernobog), so it's goodbye to Prometheus from my main team. 

All that said, I'm not sure when's the next time I'll be writing a blog post, probably when they update more stuff. Until then, see you guys next time.

(Rest in peace, Sweet Fortuna. I accidentally fused her into Bran because I mistook Upgrade for Evolution. Also, I was sleepy that time. I forgot to lock her after I Awakened her a while back. I need one more copy of Ganache to get her back, but she won't be GUR anymore.) 

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