Way more frequently than before my game has just stopped working. Back in the day I used to have internet problems daily. I wouldn't be able to do anything on my pc and no apps would work on my tablet. However during those periods, I still had an internet connection and even tho nothing wanted to load properly, nothing wanted to work, one app that always worked even with a terrible connection was valkyrie crusade. After lots and lots of complaining to my internet provider they got me a new modem and poof, my internet connection finally became stable. No more sudden internet speed drops, suddenly being unable to connect to my internet, no more problems. 

But in the past month or so I've been having way more problems with valkyrie crusade. The game doesn't get passed start or it suddenly stops in the middle of the game giving me a stupid error message. Everything else works fine but VC just doesn't start. I've noticed how this mostly happens when the game has to update but now I haven't been able to get the game to start for almost 2 days. It worked for a good hour just a bit ago but I'm experiencing the same problem yet again. I've put so many hours in this game and have a running alliance (with just a few active members but still), that I don't really want to give up but it's been really really annoying that it's not working properly.

I've already tried reinstalling it but that doesn't seem to help. I've even went to friends/family to check if it actually is my internet connection but I'm having the same problems there. 

Sometimes it gets to the checking server data screen but most times it doesn't even get passed the "game start" screen.

VC support doesn't help either. They always give the same answer to almost all problems. They just say it's not their fault but yours. Not really helpfull -_-

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