• Renwit355

    Finding Max stats

    July 1, 2014 by Renwit355

    Hello, I originally planned to make to this blog (or some kind of post) cause I thought I may have posted some incorrect Max Stats postings by forgetting to max friendship before evolving, but apparently, max friendship does not affect evolution stuff, so I guess I may be safe (although a second Opinion would not hurt).

    however, I do plan on not finding the max stats of all the cards (there's so many and new one appear time to time), but I will try to find the max stats of a card when I find like it. to help people who want to help find these max stats, but not sure of the correct way to do it, I will tell a method:

    filling out (or confirming) a dropped card page (not from amalgamation):

    for 0 stars:

    What you need and where to find it:

    The card…

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