Hello, I originally planned to make to this blog (or some kind of post) cause I thought I may have posted some incorrect Max Stats postings by forgetting to max friendship before evolving, but apparently, max friendship does not affect evolution stuff, so I guess I may be safe (although a second Opinion would not hurt).

however, I do plan on not finding the max stats of all the cards (there's so many and new one appear time to time), but I will try to find the max stats of a card when I find like it. to help people who want to help find these max stats, but not sure of the correct way to do it, I will tell a method:

filling out (or confirming) a dropped card page (not from amalgamation):

for 0 stars:

What you need and where to find it:

The card in question: where ever it is founded

its Base Stat: found on the card's log in the collection section

its Max Stat: Level the card to its maximum level (preferable without using any arcana because the wiki wants its natural stats and arcanas can make things confusing)

How it plays out:

I'll use the "Viking" Card as an example (gotten through regular Summons)

0 Star LV 1 Viking's Stats:

Stat Names:Attack/Defense/Soldiers

Base Stats:1800/1700/1700

I level up Viking to Level 30 (Viking's max Level)

Max Stats:3240/3060/3230

Complete Stage Growth: subtract the "Base Stat" from the "Max Stat" Equation Form: [Max Stat] - [Base Stat]

for 1+ Stars:

What you'll need:

The cards needed to get the desired stage: where ever.

the "Arcana Sucession" Arcana: Shop, Drops, and other rewards

something to put down temporary numbers (you'll need to remember a couple of numbers)

Natural Base Stats: found on the card's log in the collection section

Altered Base Stats: this is the evolved card's Stats at Level 1 (which are not the same as the Natural Base Stat. be sure to write this down before Leveling up!)

Altered Max Stats: This is the Evolved card Stats at its maximum Level (even if it is not the perfect Max Stats, it can still help figure out the (Real) Perfect Max Stat. be sure to write this number down too and don't mix up the same card's Alter base Stats!)

How it plays out:

I get 2 Viking Cards (they'll both be Max Level to show explain how Evolution Boosts work)

I evolve 2 Max Level 0 Star Viking Cards together to get a 1 Star Viking Card

1 Star LV 1 Viking Stats:

Stat Names:Attack/Defense/Soldiers

Natural Base Stats:1980/1870/1870

Altered Base Stats:2952/2788/2838

if you do the math, you'll see the difference between the Natural Base Stats and the Altered Base Stats are 972/918/968 which is the evolution Boost from the 0 Star Vikings (pretty much 15% of the Max Stats times 2)

I then level up 1 Star Viking to Level 40 (1 Star Viking's max Level)

Let me break away for a bit (cause at the moment I haven't Leveled up HR Viking yet), but lets say I did not do A perfect Evolution for the 1 Star Viking, I could still figure out the correct Perfect Stats with other (correct) Information.

lets say one of my HN card's Alter Base Stats (I'll use one stat as an example, but it applies the same to all of the Stats) is 3500. I level the Card to its Max Level and see that its Altered Max Stat is 7800. If I do the math (7800 minus 3500), I'll see the HN card's stat Increased by 4300 points over 39 Levels (40 minus 1). The thing is, regardless of how the card's Evolution went, how much its stats increase from LV 1 to its Max Level (and in a way, how much it gets per Level) is always the same.

I leveled my 1 Star Viking up by 1 level and went its stats increase by 40/38/43. however, it is unlikely the "increase-per-level" amount of a card is clean cut (probably something like 40.537-more numbers... but the complete Stage Growth will always be clean cut). however, I predict the Perfect Max Stat of my 1 Star Viking is in the range of 4512-4551/4270-4309/4515-4554 (Perfect Base Attack + 40-41[Increase-per-level] * 39[Levels])

I actually did Level up 1 Star Viking to Level 40 (goodbye, N cards, arcanas and slime #237 ;_;) and...

Perfect Max:4536/4284/4521 (within the mentioned range above)

I'm sorry, I am getting tired of typing so much and I'm worried I may not make sense to some people, but I think there is a formula to figuring this all out that is not post here yet (or I have not found it yet). maybe someone can use what I said to make said formula if I don't get to it.

anyways, here are some basic things to work with:

need Natural Base Stat (which is the base stats in the collection section)

need Altered Base Stats

Need the Complete Stage Growth (Altered Max Stat minus Altered Base Stat... make sure you subtract the correct base stats from the corresponding max stat)

properly apply Evolution/amalgamation boost with Perfect stats (using following formulas:)

((card #1 stats + all other used cards' stats) * (evolution/amalgamation Boost)) + Resulting card's natural Base Stats = perfect Base Stats (assuming all used cards have perfect stats)

Max Evolution boost = 15% (assuming all used cards are max level and sucession arcana was used)

Max Amalgamation boost = 8% (assuming all used cards are max level)

hey, using Arcana attack/defense during evolution/amalgamation applies the boost directly to the resulting card (AKA Altered base Stat + "50 point" arcana boost... just tested it on a lancer, shown later this blog)

here is a detailed Prediction for Viking's stats (using what i know, to show that it works):

0 Star Viking:


Base:1800/1700/1700 (Level 1)

Max:3240/3060/3230 (Level 30)

Complete Stage Growth (for the 0 star stage): 1440/1360/1530

Divide Complete Stage by Max level minus 1 (for a N card: 30-1=29 (level 1 does not give any increases, it's like a level 0, maybe confusing, but 29 is correct)) to find the per-level-growth

Per-Level-Growth:Growth:49.Renwit355 (talk)(1440 / 29)/46.Renwit355 (talk)(1360 / 29)/52.Renwit355 (talk)(1530 / 29)

0 Star Viking Natural Stats by Level (the final stat for a level will be rounded down AKA will not be a decimal (something complex happens here, but i am not sure how to explain it well)):

LV 1: 1800/1700/1700

LV 2: 1849/1746/1752

LV 3: 1899/1793/1805

LV 4: 1948/1840/1858

LV 5: 1998/1887/1911

LV 6: 2048/1934/1963

LV 7: 2097/1981/2016

LV 8: 2147/2028/2069

LV 9: 2197/2075/2122

LV 10: 2246/2122/2174

LV 11: 2296/2168/2227

LV 12: 2346/2215/2280

LV 13: 2395/2262/2333

LV 14: 2445/2309/2385

LV 15: 2495/2356/2438

LV 16: 2544/2403/2491

LV 17: 2594/2450/2544

LV 18: 2644/2497/2596

LV 19: 2693/2544/2649

LV 20: 2743/2591/2702

LV 21: 2793/2637/2755

LV 22: 2842/2684/2807

LV 23: 2892/2731/2860

LV 24: 2942/2778/2913

LV 25: 2991/2825/2966

LV 26: 3041/2872/3018

LV 27: 3091/2919/3071

LV 28: 3140/2966/3124

LV 29: 3190/3013/3177

LV 30: 3240/3060/3230

evolution Boost | Resulting Altered/Perfect Base Stats:

Attack: (3240 + 3240) * 0.15 = 972 | 1980 + 968 = 2952

Defense:(3060 + 3060) * 0.15 = 918 |  1870 + 968 = 2788

Soldiers: (3230 + 3230) * 0.15 = 968 | 1870 + 968 = 2838

Complete Stage Growth (for the 1 star stage): 1584/1496/1683

Per-Level-Growth: 40.Renwit355 (talk)(1584 / 39)/38.Renwit355 (talk)(1496 / 39)/43.Renwit355 (talk)(1683 / 39)

Perfect HN (1 Star) Viking's Stats by Level (keep in mind I did not actually check each level's stat personal, this is from the formula):

LV 1: 2952/2788/2838

LV 2: 2992/2826/2881

LV 3: 3033/2864/2924

LV 4: 3073/2903/2967

LV 5: 3114/2941/3010

LV 6: 3155/2979/3053

LV 7: 3195/3018/3096

LV 8: 3236/3056/3140

LV 9: 3276/3094/3183

LV 10: 3317/3133/3226

LV 11: 3358/3171/3269

LV 12: 3398/3209/3312

LV 13: 3439/3248/3355

LV 14: 3480/3286/3399

LV 15: 3520/3325/3442

LV 16: 3561/3363/3485

LV 17: 3601/3401/3528

LV 18: 3642/3440/3571

LV 19: 3683/3478/3614

LV 20: 3723/3516/3657

LV 21: 3764/3555/3701

LV 22: 3804/3593/3744

LV 23: 3845/3631/3787

LV 24: 3886/3670/3830

LV 25: 3926/3708/3873

LV 26: 3967/3746/3916

LV 27: 4008/3785/3960

LV 28: 4048/3823/4003

LV 29: 4089/3862/4046

LV 30: 4129/3900/4089

LV 31: 4170/3938/4132

LV 32: 4211/3977/4175

LV 33: 4251/4015/4218

LV 34: 4292/4053/4262

LV 35: 4332/4092/4305

LV 36: 4373/4130/4348

LV 37: 4414/4168/4391

LV 38: 4454/4207/4434

LV 39: 4495/4245/4477

LV 40: 4536/4284/4521

I apologize if some numbers are off by some digits, i probably mistyped, but most of it should be right (I did not use arcana).

LV 1 Lancers + attack Arcana Part (no Sucession Arcana):

Attack: (1900 + 1900) * 0.05 = 190 | 2090 + 190 = 2280

2280 + 50 = 2330 (this is what you should get)

if arcana was applied to the material cards: (1900 + 1900 + 50) * 0.05 = 192.5 | 2090 + 192.5 = 2282.5 (besides, the arcana would have to be applied to one specific card, which you don't get an option to choose... can't be applied to both material cards).

sorry, if is hard to read, just... want to get this posted.

If you have stuff you wanted tested, you can post it here or something (never done a wiki blog before).

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