• Samomomo

    VC Challenge

    September 19, 2015 by Samomomo

    Hello VC'ers its been awhile since i wrote something on VC wiki. Since we dont get much quest and challenge on VC I decided to make this to spice things up. So If you have any pecular things and achievements you did on vc that you think is unique feel free to write down on the comment section below. Ex. ( Maxing a slime card atk/def to max or beating a aw/faw using N cards only or by killing aw/faw with the highest overkill) It would be better if it is accompanied by screen shots =). Let other people see it and hopefully took it up as a challenge.

    Happy Hunting XD

    To start it of let me be the first to post one.

    (Note: This is intended for enjoyment  purposes only and no need to do it if you don't want.)

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  • Samomomo

    Tips for Box stacker (AW reward stacker)

    Before we start Box Stacker (AW reward Stacker) is the one that does not open aw reward and keeps stacking 

    until they planned to open it in the future usually most of them are rankers. They do this coz it saves time

    and to avoid missing FAW assist while opening AW reward, some players also do these coz it feels like the 

    SR drop rate increases but actually its not it only looks that way coz your opening many AW reward at the same time.

    The main problem arising when opening tons of chest is boredom and sleepiness XD yeah i always experience this

    whenever opening Aw reward so i make this guide to give a few tips for those experincing the same problem lol. =3

    Things to take on when opening AW rewards

    1.Alot a…

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  • Samomomo

    Few tips to acquire more pt.

    Number 1

    Always Share your Blessing

    Share your FAW/AW to everyone on your list that sends you. first sends to your traders and if they are not online, to your senders and all those people

    who sends you FAW/AW. People will tend to send you more if they notice that you send them in return, this will help you acquire good relationship among with your commrades.

    Just be carfeul to those leechers, I usually send 2-3 FAW to those people who called themselves Traders/Sharers and if i still dont get a response

    in 3 days i will add new ones.

    Number 2

    Be Fast and Choose Wisely

    Inorder to get more pt. you must be able to kill a FAW as fast as you can speed battle is neccesary, But things happens unexpectedly especially 

    if you rece…

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