Tips for Box stacker (AW reward stacker)

Before we start Box Stacker (AW reward Stacker) is the one that does not open aw reward and keeps stacking 

until they planned to open it in the future usually most of them are rankers. They do this coz it saves time

and to avoid missing FAW assist while opening AW reward, some players also do these coz it feels like the 

SR drop rate increases but actually its not it only looks that way coz your opening many AW reward at the same time.

The main problem arising when opening tons of chest is boredom and sleepiness XD yeah i always experience this

whenever opening Aw reward so i make this guide to give a few tips for those experincing the same problem lol. =3

Things to take on when opening AW rewards

1.Alot a day where you can open your boxes coz it really takes time to open all of them =)

2.Make sure to get some good hour rest before attempting to open tons of chest at once

3.Loudening the volume of your device will also keep your sleepeness away

4.Remember to do other things while opening aw reward (ex. Watch movies or anime while opening AW Reward) Im sure theres a lot of things you can still do while opening AW reward at the same time, you just need to find them =3 in this way you can entertain yourself while opening AW rewards =)

5.Take a break whenever you feel bored and dont force yourself opening more if you feel sick XD take a rest and do other things aside from VC.

Things to Avoid when opening AW rewards

1.Dont ever open AW rewards while laying down lol it will make you feel sleepy XD and you might accidentaly drop your device on your face like (li....) lol XD

2.Avoid opening AW rewards when your commrades are active in sending FAW/AW you might miss some subjugation pt.

3.Never forget to change your status if ever you are opening AW rewards so that your commrades will know your busy.

TY for reading  =3

+AGI Samomo

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