• Scythe of FEAR

    To all citizens of this VC wikia. I'm Scythe, leader of FEAR alliance and former ranker.

    Since I'm also a free player in FAWs ranking, it's obviously that I really dislike(tbh I simply 'hate') this new patch update.

    It is known that Nubee made FAWs fights cost BP to battle, added the new (really an overpowered rarity) GSRs/GURs rarity.

    This will make free players start to quit the game because the gap between free players and cash players will be too high. After that, what's the point of cashers to play this game if nobody plays the game too? Yeah,of course that they will eventually quit, and this game will be another 'dead' game. 

    So, is that what you the gamers want?

    To be honest I think Nubee might do this because:

    - People complain that they have heavy loads of swo…

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  • Scythe of FEAR

    Ah.. this is my first time of making a blog. Please understand that English isn't my mother language so there might be some mistakes. Thank you :)

    Well, let's get start. I am Scythe, the former leader of FEAR allance(F+star). I've been playing VC for more than 1 year. I've been ranking since Nuisance event. After reached the new single digit rank all time in this event, I've decided to slack, drop my rank and make a document containig some tips about how to ranking and do the FAWs trading effectively to help new players or the tomorrow's rankers :) Feel free to tell me to add something to this blog if you think it's needed :D

    1) About FAWs trading : FAWs trading is the way to archieve a lot of points effectively in this era of Valkyrie Crusa…

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