This should be a little post about ranking the first time!

Since the last two events I started to store some swords and shoes to use them someday when I want ranking high.

As the current event started I reached 3 million points at the first day without using some swords - that was really unexpected for me because it was not my intention to reach this count of hunting points. Then I was like "When I am able to achieve these points without using swords, how much will I reach when I am using them?" - my first time in Valkyrie Crusade I started to rank high - or better, I tried to! 

I started with 56 sword lights and 15 swords and a lot of good sender and traders (at this points THANKS to all of you!).

At the beginning I thought I have to hunt a lot of points to get a high rank - first day my current ranking was circa 640! Second day I hunted 3 - 3,5 million points and ranked circa 490! 

If you have time, shoes and swords and some senders or traders, then you can give it a try to rank high! At first I was afraid not having enough swords and I will fail... but now I am in a position where I think I have a good chance to get this UR "Charlotte"!

At least you need a good team, too. I use for my team HSR Quilin (maxed), HSR Adonis, HUR Kiyohime, HSR Scadhach and SR Polaris. I suggest to use cards with the same skill, too, if you have some. My cards work great togehter - anyway they are able to kill F/AW!

I hope I could cheer all "rank-high-beginners" a little bit! Finally have fun! :) 

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