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  • Shanedragonsteel

    I dont like the new event box , the old way i could get cards alot eaiser , i wouldnt mind it as much if it werent 200 N , thats abit to extreme , i know you get like 100+ summon tickets from event , but it can all be nerfed , as long as you dont have to go through 200N to get to 1 SR or even 300+ cards for 1 UR , it feels like step up then. I wouldnt mind as much if they kept the Box summon the same but added the old system to , that way you can atleast get both AW instead of just one , and also be able to get deseried cards for horrible RNG people.

    Alliance battels: I dont relly care for , my allaince died when i came back , and when i started i thought getting UR and SR copy card was WAY To hard without paying , still do.

    I want the FAW ,…

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  • Shanedragonsteel

    So today i learned , im a fuck up , im still learning about things and no one ever told me much about this game , 

    I have 2 UR , and love collecting cards , So ill be making blogs from now on , about major gains , Example: GAINED UR Demise (not relly). or EX: Gained HSR: Dragon Princess

    Some questions i have will be posted in my message wall , ill be using the rest of my blog for other stuff to , like random events.

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